We have been a notable player out of Singapore since 2014 trading various agricultural commodities including but not limited to wheat flour, grains, animal feed, dates, sunflower oil, walnuts.

Production & Farming

We provide the following production stages: analysis of  raw materials quality when growing & purchasing from farmers, transhipment to elevators for subsequent distribution, processing & packing.


Since the supply logistics of the goods is a linking element between the supplier and the consumer, we specialize in container transportation as a universal and reliable way of the goods delivery.


Quality Products and Reliable Parthnership

Lima Pacific Ltd. not only sells high quality products. We are committed to build a long-term successful and reliable partnership, as well as to mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers.

Continuous Improvement

Our focus is to cumulate and compound our skills over time, to build deeper insights into agricultural product markets and to consolidate our competitive position. This has also helped us to build market-leading positions in the businesses


We are here for you

In case  you are looking to get quote or have any comments or questions , please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for the new opportunities and business cooperation!